• 4Ways To 24Ways
  • Single Door & Double Door
  • SPN & TPN Distribution Board

Technical Features

  • SPN/TPN distribution board horizontal – single & double door
  • WiNclass SPN/TPN distribution board horizontal-single & double door
  • VTPN distribution board with MCB & MCCB as incomer
  • PPI distribution board/TPN phase selector DB
  • 7 Segment distribution board / flexy (tier) DB
  • Polycarbonate cover consumer unit DB / acrylic SPN DB
  • Telephone & TV socket SPN/TPN distribution board/plug & socket distribution board – metal clad & plastic
  • Metal & plastic enclosures/cable end box distribution board
  • Acrylic TPN distribution board/pre-wired distribution board
  • Vertical/horizontal TPN transparent DB with acrylic cover
  • Fully equipped DBs supplied with busbar, earth links, neutral links and inter connecting links.
  • Insulated/captive busbar and neutral links, for safety and protection
  • Unique feature of PAN assembly with adequate wiring space.
  • Knock outs on all sides
  • Double door DB with IP42 /IP43

Available Brands:

Scheneider, Siemens, ABB, Larsen & Toubro, Eaton, C&S, Legrand, Havells, Indoasian