Schneider Acti9 iID


  • Rating : 16A to 100A
  • Sensitivity: 30MA, 100MA, 300MA & 500MA
  • Pole : 2Pole & 4Pole
  • Braking Capacity : 10KA

Technical Features

  • Complete with VISI-SAFE, which helps to ensure the ultimate in safety for both operation and maintenance work.
  • Class-2 insulation: ensures continuous protection for both operators and unqualified personnel.
  • Complete with VisiTrip: detects faulty outgoers quickly and reduces intervention time.
  • Fully immune earth leakage protection: provides better continuity of service, especially with the new SI type (Super immune) which has been designed with polluted environments and networks in mind.
  • The optional electrical auxiliaries and mounting accessories are consistent with those offered on Acti 9 iC60 miniature circuit breakers (MCBs).
  • Nominal current: 1 to 100 A.
  • SI (Super immune), AC, A.
  • 30 mA sensitivity: provides additional protection against direct contact (in accordance with IEC 60364).
  • 100 mA, 300 mA, 500 mA sensitivities: provide additional protection against fire and indirect contact (in accordance with IEC 60364).
  • Selective version: ensures correct discrimination between different residual current circuit breakers as well as the tripping of the device closest to the fault.
  • Coordination with Acti 9 and Multi 9 MCBs.
  • Fully compliant with standard IEC EN 61008-1.
  • Certified by national official authorities.
  • Ideally suited to isolation in full accordance with industrial standard IEC/EN 60947-2.
  • Operating voltage: up to 400 V AC.
  • Insulation voltage: 500 V.
  • Optional auxiliaries available: indication of state and tripping, shunt tripping, undervoltage tripping, overvoltage tripping.

Available Brands:

Scheneider, Siemens, ABB, Larsen & Toubro, Eaton, C&S, Legrand, Havells, Indoasian