Eaton DILM


  • Rating: 185A~2600A
  • Poles: 3Pole & 4Pole

Technical Features

  • Contactor from 185 A to 225 A
  • Compact dimensions
  • Multiple voltage range coils with integrated suppressor circuit
  • Reduced holding power
  • Auxiliary contacts: 2 NO, 2 NC
  • Contactor from 250 A to 500 A
  • Advantages of the standard variant:
  • Significantly less heat rise in the control panel due to the holding power reduced to just 4%
  • Long switching contact lifespan by optimisation of contact forces
  • Integrated suppressor circuit
  • Auxiliary contacts: 2 NO, 2 NC
  • Price benefits when suing the standard variant
  • Additional benefits of the comfort variant:
  • Design engineers need only plan for smaller control transformers due to reduced pick-up power
  • Considerably wider voltage tolerance than the standard demands represents greater reliability in the event of voltage fluctuation
  • Direct PLC actuation possible
  • DIL M contactors from 580 A
  • Vacuum contactors with considerable advantages over air-break contactors:
  • Switching chamber is maintenance free for the entire device lifespan
  • Electrical lifespan is longer than air-circuit breakers
  • Higher packing density and cleaner distribution chamber since no open arcing occurs and no particles are ejected.

Available Brands:

Scheneider, Siemens, ABB, Larsen & Toubro, Eaton, C&S, Legrand, Havells, BCH