C&S HRC Fuse Links & Fuse Bases


  • Fuse Link-DIN / Fuse Base : Size 0: 2 to160A / 160A , Size1: 32 to 250A / 250A, Size2: 100 to 400A / 400A , Size3: 315 to 630A / 630A
  • Fuse Link-BS: 2 to 800A; OFF set tag & central tag type
  • Fuse Holder: Available for 20A, 32A, 63A & 100A

Technical Features

  • Short circuit capacity at >80 kA, 415/500V AC 50 Hz
  • Positive indication of the operation with red colour pop.
  • Low power loss not only saves energy but also ensures cool running and longer life of equipment.
  • Low cut-off current reduces electromagnetic stresses and damage to circuit & equipment.
  • Low I2t let through energy reduces thermal stresses, fire risks and damage to the equipments.
  • Ideally suitable for back up protection to motor starters against short circuit faults.

Available Brands:

Siemens, Larsen & Toubro, Copper Bussmann(Eaton), C&S, Havells,