Emco Spring Applied Brake

  • The Company offers AC / DC Flame proof fail safe and non flame proof Electromagnetic Brakes, Clutches and Combination and Brake Motors. The Brakes of Torque up to 5000 Nm , Flame proof Fail Safe Brakes of torque up to 2500 Nm and Weatherproof Brakes conforming to IP 66 standard of Torque up to 2500 Nm are manufactured.

Technical Features

  • Fail safe
  • Low Rotor Inertia
  • Torque in 4 to 5000 NM.
  • Manual Release
  • Non Asbestos friction linings+
  • German low-wear non asbestos lining available on request
  • Dust Protecting Seal
  • Compact Robust Unit
  • Simple Installation
  • Adjustable Brake Torque
  • Optimized Torque Steps
  • Simple Wear Adjustment
  • High Operating Frequency & Reliability Fast Switching Times
  • Salient Features Stationary Field (No Slip Rings)
  • Two Friction Surfaces Consistent Operating Characteristics
  • All Metal Parts Protected From Rust
  • Coil With Class 'F' Insulation No Restrictions On Mounting Positions
  • Residual -Free

Available Brands:

BCH, Emco