HPL Bypass Switch


  • Rating : 125- 1600A 4P with 100% Neutral Conforming to IS 13947 part 3/93.

Technical Features

  • Arc Chute plates to quench arc within the switch and also enhance contact life.
  • Compact body of fiber glass, reinforced polyester resin.
  • Increased thermal withstand capacity of switch body.
  • Bettered Insulation voltage.
  • High Mechanical & Electrical life.
  • Total safety with Terminal cover, Source Separator and Phase Barrier as standard feature.
  • Mounting possible in both horizontal and vertical position.
  • Available in Open Execution and Sheet Steel enclosures.
  • Prewired Auxiliary contacts with 1NO 1NC.
  • 2NO 2NC also available.

Available Brands:

ABB, Larsen & Toubro, C&S, Havells, HPL, Socomec