Schneider Stepper Motor & Driver

Schneider Steppers Drives & Motors


  • Single Phase : UP To 6.8A
  • Single Phase Voltage : 110V To 240V

Technical Features

Truly Simple
  • Forget about encoder systems and commissioning software
  • A compact drive and a high-accuracy motor included in the package
  • Reference values are preset and monitored by a higher-level PLC or a Schneider Electric motion controller
  • 3-phase stepper motors stand for precision, power and sturdiness
  • In most cases a gearbox is not required due to the high torque
Extremely Compact
  • The Lexium SD3 require very little space in the control cabinet
  • Compact dimensions (H x W x D: 145 mm x 72 mm x 140 mm)
  • The price is as compact as its dimensions
High Flexibility
  • Two different power classes, different interfaces and numerous other options and accessories
  • Available up to 6.8 A
  • Suitable for mains supply with 1-115 VAC and 230 VAC (50/60 Hz)
  • Feature a 5 V and a 24 V pulse/direction interface or fieldbus interfaces (CANopen, CANopen Motionbus and Modbus or PROFIBUS DP)
  • SD3 also available with rotation monitoring (SD3 28 has it on board)
Integrated safety
  • Safe Torque Off functionality prevents unintended machine starts as per IEC/EN 61800-5-2 for operator safety
  • The connection to the positioning electronics is retained even when the Safe Torque Off function is active. Re-homing is not necessary

Available Brands:

Schneider, Panasonic, Delta, Yaskawa, ABB, Allen Bradly, Eaton, Baumuller