Minilec Motor / Pump Protection Relays

Minilec Motor / Pump Protection Relays

Technical Features

  • Fixed/adjustable under/Over trip settings for parameters.
  • Fixed/adjustable trip delays and Power On delays
  • Built-in or external power supply
  • Resetting – Auto or Manual
  • Output contacts : 1 CO or 2 CO
  • Choice of enclosures (DIN-Rail, Flush)
  • Models with Micro-Controller based design
  • 2 line alpha-numeric LCD display (for F3 VSR1/2)
  • Serial Communication (RS232) port (for F3 VSR1/2 models)
  • Use of SMD Technology
  • User friendly LED indications


  • Phase Failure [Phase Loss/Single Phasing],
  • Phase sequence reversal,
  • Voltage Unbalance,
  • Under Voltage, Over Voltage
  • Overload protection as per motor characteristics
  • No-load/dry running
  • Motor Winding overheating
  • Over-current/Short circuit/locked rotor
  • Earth Fault

CBCT Instructions

  • Minilec offers CBCT for our Earth fault relay & Earth Leakage Relay.

Available Brands:

Minilec, GIC(L&T), Selec